This article provided Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for our brand Primus

1.    Do Primus keyboards include additional keys kit for gaming?
A.    Yes, they come with eight (8) purple key for easy strategic location and also come with a convenient removal tool to replace them.

2.    Can I assign Macros to Primus Keyboards?
A.    You will be able to use the software to assign Macros to the keyboard for your tactical gaming strategies.

3.    What is the anti-ghosting technology?
A.    This feature allows multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously to execute a number of commands while being precisely registered by the computer.

4.    How do you adjust the DPI in the mice?
A.    You can adjust the DPI by pressing the dedicated button and also via the software.

5.    Do chairs comes with headrest and lumbar cushions?
A.    Yes, they are, and also both are detachable to better accommodate the seating preference of each user.